Instagram Multiple Post Downloader

Download Multiple Videos and Photos of One Post


How to Download Instagram Multiple Post?

1 - Go to the Instagram Video or Photo post

2 - Click the " " icon which is right side the post

3 - Click on the Share Link... option and Copy Link URL

4 - Paste that copied url into the input field (downloader)

5 - Press download button. After the process, just click to download button OR

Right-Click on video and than "Save Video As.."

For more detail please check our HOW TO? tutorial page.


What is Instagram Multiple Post?

Instagram multple post where user post multiple videos or potos in one signal post and GramGad multiple post downloader allws you to download all the content of that post in one go.

This feature is very useful for the users who interested to download instagram videos and photos and save them to their computer or mobile devices.


Instagram Downloader Online

GramGad is the instagram online downloader where you can easily download any Instagram video and photo in your computer, smartphone, tablet and console with help of few simple steps and instructions.

Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server and not affiliated with instagram.
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